October 10, 2018
6.30 pm Onwards
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It’s the worst of times. It’s the best of times. History tells us that the status of women in India has always yo-yoed. We started out on a high note in the ancient ages but saw a decline in status from medieval times, when a life of restrictions became the order of the day. The harassment refuses to go away. In 2018, India was ranked by the Thomson Reuters Foundation as the world’s most dangerous country for women. Except for those with special access to privilege—and even they’re not immune to silent sexism—life for an Indian woman is tough, very tough. And yet, she perseveres. She seeks to live the life that’s promised to her by the Constitution, a life of equality, dignity and freedom from discrimination. Not just as a mother, wife, daughter or sister, but also as an individual working for something that excites her. She understands that the jouney is tough and that victory is sweetest after the taste of defeat. And, sometimes, just sometimes, through hard work, ingenuity and an indomitable spirit, she beats the odds and gives the world a success story to celebrate.
It is this dynamism and never-say-die spirit that The Sunday Standard honours through its Devi Awards. The awards are designed to pay tribute to the exceptional women who, through their work in different sectors, are helping to build the backbone of the nation. We began the process in New Delhi in December 2014, and have since paid tribute to achievers from around the country. We return to Maharashtra to celebrate ten wonderful women working in the state. Here are their stories.

The Devis

Aarifa BhinderwalaPole Dancer
Abha Narain LambahConservation Architect
Deepali GogateEducationist
Falguni NayarEntrepreneur
Karishma MehtaChronicler
Prema GopalanSocial Activist
Rahi SarnobhatShooter
Rekha BharadwajSinger
Rekha MishraPolicewoman

Photo Gallery

  • The very affable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, arrives at the Devi Awards
    Dr Manjusha Molwane, Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Commission for Women, presents a bouquet to the CM
    Roshini Kapoor, co-founder of TTS-IO & ED of ART Capital, presents Devendra Fadnavis with flowers
    TNIE Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla makes the welcome address
    Devendra Fadnavis delivers the Keynote Address
    A packed hall listens to the CM
    The first awardee of the evening, conservation architect Abha Narain Lambah, collects her award from the CM
    Nafisa Bhinderwala receives the Devi award on behalf of her pole dancer daughter Aarifa. India's pioneering pole dancer-instructor teaches women of all ages to take pride in their body
    Actor Bhumi Pednekar receives the Devi Award from the CM
    Educationatist Deepali Gogate receives from trophy from the CM
  • Deepali Gogate, who uses education as a tool of empowerment,  talks about her work at the Devi Awards in Mumbai
    Compere Surbhi Dhige
    Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar with the Chief Minister and Prabhu Chawla
    Humans of Bombay founder Karishma Mehta receives her award from the CM
    Social Activist Prema Gopalan with the CM and Prabhu Chawla
    Shooter Rahi Sarnobat receives the Devi Award for shooting out the glass ceiling
    The CM honours RPF Sub-Inspector Rekha Mishra for helping reunite hundreds of missing children with their families
    Rekha Mishra, who is posted in Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, has helped save over 900 runaway, kidnapped or lost children by reuniting them with their families or finding them good shelter homes to go to
    Singer par excellence Rekha Bharadwaj with the CM and Prabhu Chawla
    Devi Awardee  Rekha Bharadwaj sings a few lines from 'Phir Le Aaya Dil', which she sang for the fim Barfi
  • Sachchi Baat between Mr Chawla and Mr Fadnavis
    The Devis pose with their trophies and the CM and Prabhu Chawla
    Prabhu Chawla presents a memento to the CM





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