Mayfair Convention Centre

Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar

October 10 & 11


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the programme

    Day 1 - October 10, 2015

  • 11.00 am
    Opening Keynote address: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
  • 11.45 am
    Book reading and discussion: Jairam Ramesh and Shankkar Aiyar
  • 12.30 pm
    Where is the Indian renaissance? Sanjeev Sanyal, Shankkar Aiyar
  • 1.30 pm
    Lunch break
  • 2.30 pm
    The many faces of women: Book readings and discussion. Anjum Hasan, Anuja Chandramouli, Chandrahas Choudhury, Shinie Antony
  • 3.45 pm
    Are the glory days of Odia literature and poetry over?: Asit Mohanty, Debasis Panigrahi, Jatin Nayak, Santosh Tripathy
  • 5.00 pm
    Re-presenting Odisha to the world: A welcome move or sacrilegious? Aruna Mohanty, Jagannath Panda, Nilamadhab Mohanty, Sujit Mahapatra
  • 6.00 pm
    The Power of Stories: Session with Imtiaz Ali

    Day 2 - October 11, 2015

  • 10.30 am
    Hindi is cool: Interactive talk by Divya Prakash Dubey and Nikhil Sachan
  • 11.15 am
    Why does so much garbage appear under the guise of food writing? Pushpesh Pant, Priya Kapoor, Sabita Radhakrishnan
  • 12.15 pm
    The printed book will never die: Chandrahas Choudhury, Satyarth Nayak, Shovon Chowdhury, Somak Ghoshal
  • 1.15 pm
    Lunch break
  • 2.15 pm
    Writing for the entertainment media is not just about entertaining: Abhishek Chaubey, Feroz Abbas Khan, Sudip Sharma
  • 3.30 pm
    Translating the classics: What not to do: Mani Rao, Rakesh Khanna, Sachidananda Mohanty
  • 4.30 pm
    Why crime thrills? Ravi Shankar Etteth; Rakesh Khanna, Shovon Chowdhury
  • 5.30 pm
    Closing session: Union Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan
  • 6.15 pm
    Concert by Ananya Nanda, winner of Junior Indian Idol 2015

the speakers

  • Naveen Patnaik
    Dharmendra Pradhan
    Abhishek Chaubey
    Anjum Hasan
    Anuja Chandramouli
    Aruna Mohanty
    Asit Mohanty
    Chandrahas Choudhury
    Debasis Panigrahi
    Divya Prakash Dubey
  • Feroz Abbas Khan
    Imtiaz Ali
    Jairam Ramesh
    Jagannath Panda
    Jatin Nayak
    Mani Rao
    Nikhil Sachan
    Nilamadhab Mohanty
    Priya Kapoor
    Pushpesh Pant
  • Rakesh Khanna
    Ravi Shankar Etteth
    Sabita Radhakrishna
    Sachidananda Mohanty
    Sanjeev Sanyal
    Santosh Tripathy
    Satyarth Nayak
    Shankkar Aiyar
    Shinie Antony
    Shovon Chowdhury
  • Somak Ghoshal
    Sudip Sharma
    Sujit Mahapatra


Odisha Literary Festival 2015

Mayfair Convention Centre

Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar
October 10 & 11, 2015
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