Mayfair Convention Centre

Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar

September 21 & 22


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the programme

    Day 1: September 21, 2019

  • 5.00 pm
    Welcome Speech:
    Prabhu Chawla, TNIE Editorial Director
  • 5.10 pm
    Keynote Speech:
    Jayanta Mahapatra, poet, legend

    Chief Guest:
    His Excellency Governor of Odisha, Prof Ganeshi Lal

    Special Address:
    New ideas for New India: The View from Raj Bhavan

    Vote of Thanks
  • 6.00 pm

    The Poetic As Personal: My Life in Words
    Speaker: Jayanta Mahapatra
    Chairperson: Prof Jatin Nayak
  • 6.30 pm

    Partitions of the Mind: Why Manto’s Words Live
    Speaker: Nandita Das
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 7.00 pm

    Mothers: Yours. Mine. And Ours
    Speakers: Nandita Das, Kaveree Bamzai

    The #NoRegrets Book Launch
  • 7.20 pm

    Tagore in the Dark
    Speaker: Anil Srinivasan

    Day 2: September 22, 2019

  • 10.00 am
    Storytelling Session

    Mishti The Mirzapuri Labrador And Other Tales
    Speaker: Gillian Wright
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 10.30 am

    Synapse To Murder by Kalpish Ratna
    Transforming Fact into Fiction
    Dr Kalpana Swaminathan
    Chairperson: Deepanjana Pal
  • 11.00 am

    Crime Writing: Thrills and Spills
    Damyanti Biswas
    Kishwar Desai
    Chairperson: Ravi Shankar
  • 11.30 am

    On The Road: Stories From Inside India
    Speaker: Mark Tully
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 12.00 noon

    Matinee Ideal: From Netaji to Modiji
    Speakers: Vivek Agnihotri, Ashutosh
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 12.30 pm

    Music in the Mind
    Speaker: Anil Srinivasan
  • 12.50 pm

    The History We Were Taught: Bunkum or Brilliant?
    Speakers: Sanjay Dixit, Samhita Arni, Ratan Sharda, Saba Naqvi
    Chairperson: Ravi Shankar
  • 2.30: pm

    The Word in Odisha: Dead or Alive?
    Speakers: Tarab Khan, Saqti Mohanty, Debashis Panigrahi
    Chairperson: Gourahari Das
  • 3.00 pm

    Women’s Voices: Waiting to be Heard
    Speakers: Shanta Gokhale, Kishwar Desai, Minnie Vaid, Samhita Arni, Deepanjana Pal
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 3.45 pm

    True Lies or Truth Unlimited: The Political Biography
    Speakers: Bhartruhari Mahtab, Meenakshi Lekhi, Jaya Jaitly, Ashutosh
    Chairperson: Ravi Shankar
  • 4.15 pm

    How To Sell Your Skills and Win the World
    Speaker: Subroto Bagchi
    Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai
  • 4.45 pm
    Keynote Speech

    Rising From The East: What’s Next for Odisha?
    Speaker: Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha
    Chairperson: Prabhu Chawla
  • 5.15: pm

    Writing About Kashmir: Smoke and Mirrors
    Speakers: Siddhartha Gigoo, Shonaleeka Kaul, Lt Gen Ata Hasnain, Khalid Shah, Aman Hingorani
    Chairperson: Ravi Shankar

the speakers

  • Ganeshi Lal
    Naveen Patnaik
    Aman Hingorani
    Anil Srinivasan
    Bhartruhari Mahtab
    Damayanti Biswas
    Debashish Panigrahi
    Deepanjana Pal
    Gillian Wright
  • Gourahari Das
    Jatin Nayak
    Jaya Jaitly
    Jayanta Mahapatra
    Kalpana Swaminathan
    Kaveree Bamzai
    Khalid Shah
    Kishwar Desai
    Mark Tully
    Meenakshi Lekhi
  • Minnie Vaid
    Nandita Das
    Ratan Sharda
    Saba Naqvi
    Samhita Arni
    Sanjay Dixit
    Saqti Mohanty
    Shanta Gokhale
    Shonleeka Kaul
    Siddhartha Gigoo
  • Subroto Bagchi
    Syed Ata Hasnain
    Tarab Khan
    Vivek Agnihotri