The New Indian Express Group believes that strong, independent women are the
backbone of the nation. We act on our belief by organising a definitive event called
Devi, which recognises and honours exceptional women across sectors who
display dynamism and innovation in their line of work.
We've organised 16 editions of Devi Awards so far.

Devi Delhi 2018Chapter 16
Devi Mumbai 2018Chapter 15
Devi Lucknow 2018Chapter 14
Devi Chennai 2018Chapter 13
Devi Delhi 2017Chapter 12
Devi Mumbai 2017Chapter 11
Devi Lucknow 2017Chapter 10
Devi Delhi 2016Chapter 9
Devi Lucknow 2016Chapter 8
Devi Hyderabad 2016Chapter 7
Devi Kochi 2016Chapter 6
Devi Delhi 2016Chapter 5
Devi Lucknow 2015Chapter 4
Devi Bengaluru 2015Chapter 3
Devi Hyderabad 2015Chapter 2
Devi Delhi 2014Chapter 1